The World War of the Ants – The Army Ant

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Dismembering is the act of cutting or injuring someone so that they can't be fully or accurately killed. It can also refer to the process of cutting up a body so that the different parts can be identified.

  • The murderer dismembering the body parts.
  • The victim's body was dismembered in a gruesome manner.

Dismember means to cut or tear apart something. When you dismember a body, you are cutting it into pieces so that it can be identified.

  • The murderer dismemberd the body parts so that they would not be found.
  • The victim's body was dismemberd in such a way that it was almost impossible to identify.

When something is invulnerable, it is very resistant to attack or damage. This means that it is very difficult for someone to hurt or defeat it.

  • The invulnerable shield protected the king from the attack.
  • The invulnerable armor protected the knight from the attack.

To exterminate something is to kill it all. You can exterminate a whole group of people, or you can exterminate a single person.

  • The army is exterminating the bugs in the city.
  • The exterminator is going to exterminate all the rats in the neighborhood.

A swarm is a large group of insects, usually bees, wasps, or hornets. Swarms can be dangerous, because they are usually clustered together and they can be very aggressive.

  • There was a swarm of bees in the garden, and I had to get rid of them.
  • The swarm of birds was so large that it blocked the sun.

Eradicated means to destroy or to remove something from existence. When the Romans eradicated the Carthaginians, they were able to conquer their land and control it.

  • The government is trying to eradicate the virus, but it's difficult because it's spread through contact.
  • The eradication of the species is a very difficult process.

To harbor someone is to care for them and to protect them from the law. If you harbor someone who is wanted by the police, you are responsible for hiding them and keeping them safe.

  • The woman was arrested for harboring the suspect.
  • The police are searching for the suspect, and they believe that he is hiding somewhere in the city.

When people want to protect themselves or their property, they might erect barriers. These barriers can be anything from fences to walls.

  • The protesters erected barricades to keep the police from entering their area.
  • The mayor put up barricades to keep the protesters from entering the city.

Overrunning means to overrun or to get the better of someone. If the enemy overran our position, they got the better of us and we lost the battle.

  • The enemy overran our position and captured our soldiers.
  • The company overran the competition in the market.