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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To monetize something is to turn it into a source of income. You might monetize a company by selling its stock, or you might monetize a piece of land by selling it to a developer.

  • The company is trying to monetize its new software by selling it to the government.
  • The company is trying to monetize its new website by charging people for access.

When someone is using a rulebook, they are following the instructions that are in the book. A rulebook can be a book that is written by the government, or it can be a book that is written by a set of rules that someone has created.

  • The teacher was using the rulebook to teach the students how to play the game.
  • The students were using the rulebook to learn how to play the game.

To discriminate is to treat someone differently based on their race, sex, or some other characteristic. It can be illegal, and it can be very unfair.

  • The company is discriminating against white applicants.
  • The company is discriminating against men, because they only want women to work in the office.

To incentivize someone is to give them something in exchange for doing something. This can be anything from money to privileges.

  • The company incentivized their employees by giving them a raise.
  • The government incentivized the farmers by giving them subsidies.

To be policed is to be guarded or protected by someone. The police are usually policed by the public, who wants them to protect them from crime.

  • The streets were policed by the police.
  • The government policed the borders.

Frugality is the practice of being careful with your money. It means spending your money wisely, and not wastefully.

  • She is very frugal, and she always looks for ways to save money.
  • He is not very frugal, and he often spends money without thinking.

Tripling is an adjective that means threefold. When you triple the amount of something, you are getting three times the amount of that thing.

  • The recipe called for tripling the amount of sugar.
  • The company tripled its profits last year.

To demoralize someone is to make them feel discouraged and discouraged about their chances of succeeding. When the team is demoralized, it is difficult for them to put up a good fight.

  • The team was demoralized by the loss, and they didn't have much of a chance of winning.
  • The demoralizing thing about the job is that it's always changing.

To reinvent something is to create a new version of it. When you reinvent a product, you create a new version that is different from the original.

  • The company reinvented the wheel by coming up with a new design.
  • The actress reinvented herself by starring in a new movie.