The Warrior Kingdoms of the Weaver Ant

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To be ensnared is to be caught in something. Sometimes people use the word to describe being caught in a difficult or dangerous situation.

  • The snake ensnared the bird in its web.
  • The soldier was ensnared by the trap.

A minim is a unit of weight that is equal to 1/100 of a pound. A minim is also known as a milligram.

  • The store is selling minims of coffee instead of regular cups of coffee.
  • The doctor prescribed a minim of ibuprofen for the pain.

Lianas are vines that grow up trees. They are often used to climb up the tree, but they can also grow along the ground.

  • The lianas are growing along the fence, stretching towards the house.
  • The lianas are growing along the ground, towards the river.

A moat is a type of defensive ditch that is used to protect a castle or other large building from attack. The moat was often filled with water so that it could be crossed only at a specific point.

  • The moat was dug to create a barrier around the castle.
  • The moat was designed to keep the enemy from entering the castle.

To starve is to not have enough food. When people are starving, they are usually not getting the nutrients that they need to survive.

  • The people are starving because the food supply has been destroyed.
  • The people are starving because they didn't have enough food to begin with.

Formic is a type of ant that lives in colonies. Ants form colonies to survive and to protect themselves against enemies.

  • Formic acid is a type of ant poison.
  • Formic acid is used to kill ants.

Antsy is a word that means restless and excited. When someone is antsy, they are feeling a lot of energy and excitement, and they usually want to do something.

  • The child was antsy because she was excited to go to the birthday party.
  • She was feeling very antsy because she had to wait for her friend to arrive.