The tragic myth of the Sun God's son - Iseult Gillespie

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


When something is feathery, it is light and floaty. Feathers are a good example of something that is feathery.

  • The feathery dress was very flattering.
  • The feathery clouds looked like they were about to rain.

When two animals are fighting, they are said to be using their pincers. Pincers are the claws on the front of a crab or lobster's shell.

  • The lobster was using its pincers to catch the fish.
  • The crab was using its pincers to fight off the bird.

To lurch is to move unsteadily and unsteadily. When a person lurches, they often seem to be in danger of falling.

  • He lurched forward and fell down.
  • The boat lurched and tipped over.

To panic is to become very worried and excited. When you panic, your heart rate goes up, and you might start to have a heart attack.

  • She started to panic when she realized she had left her purse at the restaurant.
  • The students were panicking when they realized there was a fire in the building.

When someone refers to something as a thunderbolt, they are usually very surprised or upset by it. A thunderbolt is a very powerful weapon, and it can cause a lot of damage very quickly.

  • When he saw the news report about the thunderbolt, he was very surprised.
  • The thunderbolt killed dozens of people in just a few seconds.

When something that is submerged or hidden begins to resurface, it begins to become visible again. This might be because of water, sand, or other materials that have been removed.

  • The ship had to resurface after it got stuck in the sand.
  • The scandal is resurfacing after years of being hidden.

Metamorphosing is the process of changing from one form to another. This can take many different forms, including changing your appearance, your personality, or your behavior.

  • The plant was metamorphosing into a different kind of tree.
  • The caterpillar was metamorphosing into a butterfly.

To strew something is to spread it around. When you strew flowers on the ground, you are spreading the flowers around.

  • He strewed flowers all over the place.
  • The teacher strewed salt on the ground to symbolize how far the students had come.

A charioteer is someone who is responsible for driving a chariot. They are usually a member of the aristocracy, and they are usually responsible for leading the army in battle.

  • The king was a charioteer, and he was very good at his job.
  • He was not a very good charioteer, and his horse got scared and ran away.