The secret to desire in a long-term relationship | Esther Perel

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To caretake something is to take care of it. You might caretake a pet, garden, or building.

  • She is taking care of the garden while her husband is at work.
  • The building was in terrible condition, so the city hired a caretaker to make sure it was fixed up.

Naughtiness is a general term that can refer to anything that is bad or wrong. It can include things like dishonesty, vandalism, and disobedience.

  • The school punished the students for their naughtiness.
  • The child was punished for being naughty.

When something is alive, it is still functioning and alive. People often use the word to describe things or beings that are still functioning and alive after they would usually expect them to die.

  • The plant is alive because the flowers are still blooming.
  • The animal is alive because it's moving and breathing.

Mutuality is the idea that two things are related to each other in a positive way. When two people are mutualy involved in a relationship, they are usually happy and supportive.

  • The mutuality between the two students was evident in the way they interacted.
  • The mutuality between the company and its employees is important to its success.

When someone is possessive, they are too demanding or jealous. They often don't let others do or have anything that they want.

  • He is possessive, which is why he won't let me touch the toy.
  • She is possessive, which is why she won't let us borrow the book.

Fantasizing is a type of thinking that is often involved inictions. Fantasizing is when you pretend that you are somewhere else, doing something else, or with someone else.

  • She was fantasizing about visiting the country during her vacation.
  • He was fantasizing about going on a date with the girl he has been dating.

When people are separate from each other, they are not united in any way. This can be a good thing, because it means that they are free to do what they want.

  • The separateness of the tribes allowed them to be independent.
  • The separateness of the nations allowed them to be independent.

Cozily means comfortably. You might say that the couch is cozily arranged because it's big enough for everyone to sit on, and it's not too tight or too wide.

  • The couch is cozily arranged because it's big enough for everyone to sit on.
  • The sofa is cozily arranged because it's big and soft.

Wanes is a verb that means to gradually decrease or disappear. The moon wanes as it goes from full to new.

  • The number of students that are at school wanes each year.
  • The number of customers at the store wanes each month.