The rise and fall of the Celtic warriors - Philip Freeman

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To be fearless is to be fearless about something. This could be fear of heights, fear of animals, or any other kind of fear.

  • He is very fearless, and is willing to do anything to experience new things.
  • She is very fearless, and is not afraid to speak her mind.

To scoff is to make a sound that is slightly contemptuous or mocking. When you scoff at something, you are making a judgment that it is not worth your time or attention.

  • He scoffed at the idea of starting a business on the side.
  • She scoffed at the idea of working at the company fulltime.

A bard is someone who is trained in the art of storytelling. They often travel around the world and perform for audiences.

  • The bard was very good at telling stories, and he entertained the audience for hours.

Satires are poems or stories that are written to criticize or parody a particular topic. They often use humor to show how the subject matter is wrong or ridiculous.

  • The satire of the article criticized the way that the author talked about the topic.
  • The satire of the article parodied the way that the author wrote about the topic.

Understood means to understand fully. When you oversee something, you are responsible for it and you make sure that it is done properly.

  • The supervisor oversees the production line.
  • The supervisor oversees the new project.

To memorize something is to remember it very well. You might memorize a poem or a list of words.

  • She had to memorize the entire poem for the test.
  • He is trying to memorize the names and addresses of all of the city council members.

To encroach is to come into someone else's territory or to take something that belongs to them without permission. When the government encircles the city, they are trying to take control of the city.

  • The company encircled the city with their soldiers to take control.
  • The developers encircled the city with their new buildings to take control of the land.

When there are people who refuse to change their mind, or who refuse to accept a new idea, they are called holdouts. A holdout is someone who is still stubbornly refusing to accept the new way of things.

  • The company was losing money because there were a lot of holdouts who were not buying the new product.
  • The new law was met with a lot of resistance from the holdouts, who were still refusing to accept it.

Unconquered means that the territory is still not under the control of the person or group who want to control it. The territory might be controlled by the enemy, or it might be controlled by the people who are resisting the enemy.

  • The unconquered territory is still a threat to the enemy.
  • The unconquered territory is a symbol of the power and strength of the people who live there.