The rise and fall of the Byzantine Empire - Leonora Neville

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Togas are a type of clothing that is worn in Ancient Greece. They are made out of a fabric that is often made from wool and cotton.

  • The togas were very uncomfortable, and they made it very hard to move around.
  • Togas are a common sight at ancient Greek festivals.

To ply (verb) is to use (something) frequently. You might ply your friend with drinks in order to make her drunk.

  • He was plied with alcohol all night long, and he still felt the effects the next day.
  • She plied him with questions all day long, trying to get information out of him.

When someone receives a lot of recognition or praise for their work, they are said to be wearing laurels. This usually means that they are very happy and proud of themselves.

  • He was wearing his new laurels, which meant that he was very happy with the job that he had done.
  • The coach was wearing his new laurels, which meant that he was very happy with the team that he had coached.

To innovate is to come up with a new idea or to improve on an existing idea. When you innovate, you are creating something new that is not based on anything else.

  • The company has been innovating by coming up with new ways to market their products.
  • The scientist innovated by coming up with a new way to treat cancer.

Deposed means to remove (someone) from their position. If the president is deposed, that means that they have been defeated and replaced by someone else.

  • The deposed ruler was arrested and taken to prison.
  • The deposed ruler was forced to flee the country.

To retake a test is to try to get a better score on it than you did the first time. You might have to study harder or take different types of tests to get a better score.

  • She decided to retake the test because she didn't do well on it the first time.
  • He decided to retake the test because he didn't understand it the first time.

To rebel is to refuse to do what is expected of you, or to fight against someone or something. When the students rebelled against the teacher, they refused to follow her rules.

  • The students rebelled against the teacher by not listening to her.
  • The rebels fought against the government for years.

To reconnect with someone is to re-establish a connection with them. Sometimes this can be difficult, because the connection might have been broken in some way.

  • After she reconnected with her old friend, she started to feel better.
  • After he reconnected with his old friends, he felt a lot better.