The Norse myth that inspired “The Lord of the Rings” - Iseult Gillespie

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


When someone's skin color turns pale, they become very sick or their skin becomes very thin and yellow.

  • She paled when she saw the injury.
  • His skin turned very pale when he was diagnosed with the disease.

Craftspeople are people who are trained in the art of making things. They might be artists, engineers, or other types of professionals, but they all have a lot of experience making things.

  • The craftspeople are working on repairing the window.
  • The craftspeople are creating the new statue.

To be infuriated is to be very angry. When he was infuriated, he was boiling with anger.

  • When she saw the dress on the rack, she became infuriated and started to cry.
  • The politician became infuriated when he was shouted at.

To wriggle is to move around in a way that is uncomfortable or that makes you feel uncomfortable. You might wriggle your hips or shoulders when you're dancing to make your body move more easily.

  • She was wriggling around in her seat, trying to get more comfortable.
  • The worm wriggled its way out of the jar.

To squirm is to move involuntarily and awkwardly. When you squirm, you might be trying to get away from someone or you might be uncomfortable in some way.

  • She was trying to squirm away from him, but he kept grabbing her.
  • The prisoner was squirming around in pain.

Jeered is to laugh scornfully at someone. When the crowd jeered at the politician, they were laughing at her and her ideas.

  • The crowd jeered at the candidate, ridiculing her every word.
  • The crowd jeered as the comedian performed.

To prie is to try to get something out of a difficult or tight situation by force. You might prie open a door that's been locked, or you might prie open a box that's been sealed shut.

  • He pried open the door with a crowbar, and they escaped.
  • They pried open the box with a crowbar, and they found the treasure inside.

Slayed means to kill. When the dragon was slain, it meant that the heroes had won the battle.

  • The dragon was slain by the heroes, which was the victory that they were looking for.