The myth of Sisyphus - Alex Gendler

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


When someone is angry, they are feeling very unhappy and angry. They might be feeling intense anger, or they might be feeling a lot of frustration.

  • The angry mob was protesting the government.
  • The angry customer was yelling at the salesperson.

When someone is seduced, they are tricked or persuaded into doing something that they might not normally do. They might be tricked into thinking that something is good for them when it's not.

  • The seducer was very convincing, and the victim was seduced into believing that he was a good person.
  • The victim was seduced by the seducer's charm.

When someone is disrespected, they are treated very poorly. They might be ignored or spoken to in a way that is not respectful.

  • The workers were disrespected when they were not given the same wages as the managers.
  • The students were disrespected when the professor refused to let them speak.

To trick someone is to deceive them. You can trick someone by lying to them, or by hiding the truth from them.

  • He tricked her by pretending to be her friend.
  • She tricked him by hiding the fact that she was a doctor.

To resonate is to sound pleasant or pleasing. When you resonate with someone, you feel a sense of connection or understanding.

  • The music resonated with her emotions.
  • The speaker resonated with the audience, making them feel comfortable and connected.

An allegory is a story that is based on a real event or thing, but it is not actually true. Allegories often use a dramatic or symbolic story to teach a moral lesson.

  • The allegory is about a man who is trying to find his way in the world.
  • The allegory is about the dangers of war.

An existentialist is someone who believes that humans are alone in the universe, and that we have to figure out our own meaning in life. existentialists often focus on the individual experience, and they often believe that humans are responsible for their own destiny.

  • JeanPaul Sartre was an existentialist philosopher.
  • Existentialist philosophers often focus on the human experience, and the role that humans play in the universe.

Defiantly means with defiance. The word is often used in situations where someone is refusing to do something that is asked of them.

  • She defiantly refused to leave the restaurant.
  • He defiantly refused to answer the question.

To despair is to feel very sad and hopeless. When you despair, you have given up on everything and you don't believe that anything can be done to improve the situation.

  • The student has been despairing for weeks, and she's starting to lose hope.
  • The city is in despair because of the many problems that it is facing.