The myth of Loki’s monstrous children - Iseult Gillespie

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A giantess is a person who is larger than average. They might be taller or heavier than the average person, and they might have a lot of muscle.

  • He is a giant, which is why he is so strong.
  • She is a giantess, which is why she can lift so much weight.

When someone is accosted, they are attacked without warning. They might be accosted by a stranger, or they might be accosted by someone they know.

  • She was accosted by a group of men who were trying to steal her purse.
  • He was accosted by a group of angry protesters.

To dodge is to avoid something, to avoid being seen or confronted. When you dodge a question, you are trying to avoid answering it.

  • He dodged the question by saying that he didn't know the answer.
  • She dodged the question by saying that she wasn't interested.

To molder means to degenerate or to rot. When something is moldering, it's slowly deteriorating and becoming useless.

  • The old building is slowly moldering away.
  • The clothes are starting to molder because they're not being aired out.

Flaked is an informal word that is used to describe someone who has quit their job or school. It is often used in a negative way, to describe someone who is not doing their job or school very well.

  • He flaked out on his work, and the boss was not happy.
  • She flaked out on her test, and she was not very happy about it.

Splintered is a word that is used to describe something that has been broken into pieces. When something is splintered, it has been damaged in some way.

  • The glass was splintered when the window was broken.
  • The argument between the two families was a very splintered one.

Sinews are the strong, fibrous cords that connect the muscles in your body to your bones. They help you move your body and do all the things that you do.

  • The athlete has strong sinews because she exercises frequently.
  • The sinews in the tree are very strong, because they are used to support a lot of weight.

To encircle something is to surround it with something else. You can encircle something with your arms, your legs, or your body.

  • The soldiers encircled the town.
  • The terrorists encircled the building.

Inching is a word that means moving slowly or gradually. When you inching forward, you're moving one step at a time.

  • The snail is inching its way down the hill.
  • The company is inching its way toward becoming a giant.