The myth of Loki and the master builder - Alex Gendler

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


When something is undefended, it is not protected or defended by anyone. This can mean that the area is unprotected from attack, or that the object is unprotected from theft or destruction.

  • The city was undefended, and was quickly taken by the enemy.
  • The museum was undefended, and was quickly looted.

To balk is to refuse to do something, to stop something from happening. If you balk at the idea of moving, you might not want to do it.

  • The delivery guy balked at the idea of carrying the heavy box up the stairs.
  • The customer balked when he saw the price of the car.

To concoct something is to make it up, to come up with something that is not true. The word is usually used when people are trying to make excuses for something that they have done.

  • The politician concocted a story about how he was injured in the accident.
  • The scientist concocted a story about how she discovered a new species of fungus.

The trickster is a figure in many traditional cultures who is often considered to be a mischief maker. They are usually considered to be a figure of fun, and they are often depicted as wearing a hat and a shirt with bells on it.

  • The trickster is often depicted as a figure who causes trouble for people.
  • The trickster is a figure who is always out for fun, and he always manages to get his own way.

When nightfall comes, it means that it's time for night to start. This means that it's time for people to go to bed and for the lights to be turned off.

  • It's nighttime soon, so it's time to go to bed.
  • The sun is setting, which means it's time for night to start.

An impenetrable shield is a defense that is very difficult to break through. It's also an adjective that describes something that is very difficult to understand or understand clearly.

  • The shield was impenetrable, and the soldiers couldn't break through it no matter how many times they tried.
  • The explanation was impenetrable, and the students were not able to understand it.

Unimaginably is a very strong word. It means that it is impossible for you to even begin to imagine it.

  • The team was unimaginably fast.
  • The scene was so unimaginably horrific that she couldn't believe it was real.

A mannered person is usually polite and reserved. They are usually not very outspoken, and they usually act in a very traditional way.

  • The mannered girl didn't say a word the entire time.
  • He was very mannered and didn't say anything.

To outrun someone is to run faster than them. If you want to outrun someone, you need to start running as soon as you see them.

  • He outran the robber and called the police.
  • She outran the other children and won the race.