The myth of Cupid and Psyche - Brendan Pelsue

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Rejoiced means to be happy and satisfied. When you rejoiced at the news of the victory, you were very happy and satisfied with the outcome.

  • The team was rejoicing after the victory, which is why they were so happy.
  • I rejoiced when I heard the news, because I was very happy for them.

When someone is conflicted, they are feeling two or more different emotions at the same time. This can be difficult to deal with, and it can often lead to problems.

  • He is conflicted about what to do because he is afraid of getting in trouble, but he also wants to help the person.
  • She is conflicted about whether or not she should go to the party, because she knows that she won't enjoy it, but she also wants to make the other person happy.

Lusting is a verb meaning to have a strong desire or passion for something. When you lust after someone, you are attracted to them and you want to have sex with them.

  • He was lusting after the woman across the room.
  • She was lusting after the new car that was parked in the lot.

Pricking is a sensation that you might feel when you are touched or scratched by something sharp. It's often a sign that the thing that is touching you is sharp.

  • The thorn was pricking my skin.
  • The needle was pricking my skin.

Briars are thorny plants that grow in dense clusters. They are often found near water, and they are very difficult to remove.

  • The briars are difficult to remove, and they will damage your car.
  • The briars will scratch your car, and they are poisonous.

When something is snagged, it is caught on something. This can be a literal snagging, where something is caught on something else, or it can be more figurative.

  • I snagged my shirt on the wire as I was trying to cross the street.
  • The project has been snagged by the government shutdown.

A boatman is a person who helps people get boats or other boats onto or off of the water. They may also help people with their sails.

  • He was the boatman who helped us get the boat onto the lake.
  • She was the boatman who helped us get the boat off of the lake.

To be fearless is to be fearless about something. This could be fear of heights, fear of animals, or any other kind of fear.

  • He is very fearless, and is willing to do anything to experience new things.
  • She is very fearless, and is not afraid to speak her mind.

To complicate something is to make it more difficult or to add more details to it. When you add too many complications to a situation, it can become overwhelming.

  • The new rule is adding too many complications to the process.
  • The new rule is too complicated, and it's making the process difficult.