The myth behind the Chinese zodiac - Megan Campisi and Pen-Pen Chen

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To hop is to jump quickly and energetically. When you hop, you jump up and down and move your legs quickly.

  • She hopped around the room when she was excited.
  • He hopped around the room when he was nervous.

When horses are galloping, they are moving as fast as they can. They can gallop at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour.

  • The horses were galloping quickly across the field.
  • The horses were galloping quickly around the track.

Slithered is a verb meaning to move slowly and smoothly. When you slithered under the bed, you moved very carefully and without making any noise.

  • He slithered under the bed to get to the toy.
  • She slithered down the stairs very slowly.

Reared means raised. When you say that someone is reared, you are usually talking about their upbringing.

  • His parents were very reared, which is why he's so sheltered.
  • She was reared in a strict household, which is why she's so conservative.

When someone is startled, they are surprised and frightened. They might jump or scream when they are startled.

  • The dog was startled when it saw the snake.
  • She was startled when she saw the burglar in the alley.

Scrambling is the act of trying to get out of a difficult or dangerous situation by doing anything that you can. When there's a scramble for the ball at the park, everybody is trying to get their hands on it.

  • The players were scrambling to get away from the flames.
  • The students were scrambling to get out of the classroom in time.

To frolic is to have fun. When the kids were playing outside, they were really frolicing around.

  • The children were having a lot of fun when they were frolicing in the park.
  • The frolicking deer were beautiful to watch.

To waddle is to walk or run with a very pronounced gait. It's often used to describe people or animals who are moving very slowly.

  • He waddled to the boat, looking very tired.
  • The duck waddled over to the pond.

Enshrined means to put something into a place where it is protected and kept safe. When you enshrine a statue, you make it a part of the landscape and protect it from being damaged.

  • The statue is enshrined in the park.
  • The company is enshrining its new policy in the manual.