The mysterious life and death of Rasputin - Eden Girma

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Promiscuity is the practice of having sex with multiple partners. It can be a very dangerous habit, because it increases your risk of getting STD's and other diseases.

  • The promiscuous woman is always getting pregnant.
  • The promiscuous man is always getting STDs.

A clergyman is a person who is trained in religious teachings. They usually work in a church or other religious organization.

  • The clergyman is going to give a speech about the importance of religion.
  • The clergyman is going to lead the prayer service.

The laypeople are the general population, the people who are not involved in the government or the business world. They are the people who just live their lives and don't know anything about the politics or the business world.

  • The laypeople are not very familiar with the government.
  • The laypeople are not very familiar with the business world.

Devoutly means with complete dedication. You might devoutly believe in a certain religion or ideology, or you might devoutly support a certain team.

  • She is devoutly religious, and she prays every day.
  • He devoutly supports his team, and he is very passionate about the game.

When someone is transfixed, they are completely focused on something. They are not paying attention to anything else, and they are not moving.

  • She was transfixed by the movie, and she didn't even hear him come into the room.
  • He was transfixed by the performance, and he didn't notice the person standing in front of him.

Cementing is a process of making something permanent. When you cement something, you add a layer of cement to the surface so that it will not move or fall apart.

  • The cementing agent will help to bind the particles together.
  • The cementing agent will also help to keep the particles in place.

Unbeknownst means that you don't know about something. You might say something is unbeknownst to you, or that someone is unbeknownst to you.

  • The detective was trying to track down the killer, but he was unbeknownst to the victim.
  • The manager was trying to find out who was leaking information to the press, but he was unbeknownst to the employees.

An accomplice is someone who helps or aids someone in committing a crime. They are usually someone who is willing to do anything to help their friend or partner commit a crime.

  • The accomplices helped him escape the police.
  • The accomplices helped her break into the store.

The peasantry are the people who live on the farm or in the countryside. They are usually poor and have little power or rights.

  • The peasantry are the people who work on the farm.
  • The peasantry are the people who live in the countryside.