The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe - Strange Stars Explained

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Oversimplify is to make something too simple or easy to understand. When you oversimplify something, you reduce it to its most basic form.

  • The politician oversimplified the issue by saying that the treaty was a bad idea.
  • The teacher oversimplified the lesson by only giving a few examples.

Squeezes are small, gentle movements that you use to try to get something to move or to get a person to comply. You might use squeezes to try to get a toy out of a child's hand, or to get a person to move closer to you.

  • The teacher was trying to get the children to settle down, but they were being difficult and making lots of squeezes.
  • She was trying to get the toy out of the child's hand, but he was being very resistant.

An object or person is said to be indestructible if it is able to resist damage or destruction. This might includes things like metal or plastic, or people.

  • The metal is very strong and indestructible, which is why it is so good for weapons.
  • The plastic is very strong and indestructible, which is why it is so good for objects.

The inside of something is the part of it that is inside the boundaries of the thing. The inside of a house is the part of it that is inside the walls of the house.

  • The inside of the pot was dirty.
  • The inside of the balloon was filled with air.

To spew is to vomit. When you spew, you vomit everything that is in your stomach all at once.

  • She started to spew when she realized that she had eaten too much.
  • He started to spew when he got sick at the party.

The subatomic level is the smallest level of the universe that we can see or measure. At the subatomic level, particles like atoms are still moving around.

  • The subatomic particles were moving so quickly that they couldn't be seen.

When two or more things are clumped together, it means that they are all close to each other. This is often a sign that they are being squished or compressed.

  • The clumps of dirt were clumped together because the ground was wet.
  • The clumps of snow were clumped together because they were cold.

To outnumber is to have more people than the other party. When there are more people voting than the other party, it's usually a sign that they are in the majority.

  • The outnumbering of the vote was enough to make the decision official.
  • The outnumbering of the police force was enough to make them take action.

Clumping is when a substance sticks together and forms a lump. Clumping can happen when liquids and solids mix together, or when two different substances join together.

  • The paint clumped together when it got wet.
  • The dirt clumped together when it got wet.