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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


An untethered animal is one that is free to move around and explore. A pet dog is usually tethered to a leash, but an untethered animal can go anywhere it wants.

  • The monkey was untethered and ran around wild.
  • The boat was untethered and drifted away.

When something is relatable, it is easy to understand and to relate to. Sometimes people use the word to describe something that is funny, sad, or interesting.

  • The comic was relatable because I could understand the jokes and the characters.
  • The novel was relatable because I could understand the characters and their emotions.

Caustics are a type of poison that can damage your skin or your body. They are often used in writing or speech to express feelings of anger, envy, or bitterness.

  • The article was full of caustics, criticizing everything from the author's grammar to the style of the article.
  • The speech was full of caustics, criticizing the speaker's opponents.

To be beholden is to be indebted to, or to have a strong obligation to. Someone who is beholden to a debt must pay it back no matter what.

  • The company is beholden to the government because they owe them money.
  • The company is beholden to the workers because they agreed to be paid in full.

Geeked means excited and enthusiastic. When he geeks out over his new computer, he is very excited about it.

  • She was geeked out when she saw the new movie.
  • He was geeked out when he saw the new Star Wars movie.

Floundering means to be in a difficult or unstable situation. The boat floundered in the water, and it was difficult to get it to shore.

  • The company is floundering because it's losing money every day.
  • The student flounders when he doesn't know what to do in class.

Strangling is a very violent crime. Someone can strangle another person by putting their hands around their throat and squeezing.

  • The victim was strangled with a rope.
  • She was strangled to death with her own scarf.

Uncomfortable means uncomfortable in a way that makes you feel tense or upset. When you're uncomfortably hot, you're uncomfortable because you're sweating.

  • The jackets were too uncomfortably tight.
  • The noise in the room was uncomfortably loud.

When two things are interweaving, they are working together to create a single effect. The two things might be plants, or fibers in a fabric.

  • The plants are interweaving to create a beautiful canopy.
  • The fibers in the fabric are interweaving to create a soft, smooth cloth.