The Last Light Before Eternal Darkness – White Dwarfs & Black Dwarfs

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To stabilize something is to make it stable or consistent. When you stabilize the economy, you make it so that the economy doesn't fluctuate a lot.

  • The government is trying to stabilize the currency by buying up assets.
  • The company is trying to stabilize the market by releasing new products.

Outwards refers to the direction that something is pointing or moving. The outward appearance of something is usually how we first perceive it.

  • The outward appearance of the car is very important to the buyers.
  • The outward appearance of the candidate is very important to the voters.

There are always some downsides to anything. When you're looking at a new job, you'll probably hear about the downsides of the job as well.

  • The downside to working for the company is that they are not very good at paying their employees.
  • The downside to going to the party is that I won't be able to study.

To evaporate is to disappear or to turn into vapor. When you evaporate water, it turns into steam and water vapor.

  • The water evaporated quickly after it was sprayed on the surface.
  • The flowers are evaporating because the sun is shining on them.

When something is unrecognizable, it is so different from the way that it used to be that you can't really identify it.

  • The house had been burned down, and all of the furniture was unrecognizable.
  • The painting was so unrecognizable that the gallery owner refused to sell it.

A lightyear is a unit of distance that is used in astronomy. It's about the distance that it takes for light to travel one year.

  • The lightyears away galaxy is very large.
  • The lightyears that it took for the signal to reach us was very long.

The timespan is the amount of time that it takes for something to happen. It can be measured in minutes, hours, or days.

  • The timespan for the project is three months.
  • The timespan for the war will last for many years.

Obscenely is a very strong word. It can only be used when something is really offensive and inappropriate.

  • The language used in the book was obscenely vulgar.
  • The movie was obscenely violent.