The Largest Star in the Universe – Size Comparison

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


The inside of something is the part of it that is inside the boundaries of the thing. The inside of a house is the part of it that is inside the walls of the house.

  • The inside of the pot was dirty.
  • The inside of the balloon was filled with air.

When something is glowy, it is light and happy. The sky is often glowy at night, because the light from the stars is reflected off of the clouds.

  • The cake was very glowy and sweet.
  • The flowers were glowing in the sunlight.

Dimly means barely, scarcely. The light was dimly visible through the clouds.

  • He looked dimly at the girl across the room.
  • The sound of the waves was dimly heard through the door.

To fizzle is to have a low-level or unsuccessful experience. When you fizzle out in your performance, you don't achieve the level of success that you were hoping for.

  • His performance fizzled out at the end and he didn't get the job.
  • The party was supposed to be a big success, but it fizzled out after a few minutes.

A supermassive black hole is a very large hole in the center of a galaxy. They are so large that they can suck in entire stars and galaxies.

  • The supermassive black hole is located in the center of the galaxy.
  • The supermassive black hole is so large that it can suck in entire stars and galaxies.

A lightyear is a unit of distance that is used in astronomy. It's about the distance that it takes for light to travel one year.

  • The lightyears away galaxy is very large.
  • The lightyears that it took for the signal to reach us was very long.

A behemoth is a large, powerful animal. Some of the most famous behemoths include the elephant, the lion, and the whale.

  • The elephant is the largest living land animal.
  • The lion is the king of the beasts, and it is the largest animal that is currently still alive.
  • The whale is the largest animal that has ever lived, and it's still alive today.

To crate something is to put it in a box or container. The box or container is usually made of wood or metal, and it has a door or a window.

  • He cratered the car when he hit it with his truck.
  • The dog crate was too small, so he had to put her in the kitchen.