The language of lying — Noah Zandan

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To disassociate is to break away from something or someone. When you disassociate yourself from a group, you stop associating yourself with them.

  • He disassociated himself from the group by leaving the party early.
  • She disassociated herself from the group by refusing to speak.

convoluted means complicated, difficult to understand. The sentence is convoluted because it is hard to understand what the author is trying to say.

  • The legal system is quite convoluted, and it's difficult to understand what is going on.
  • The sentence is convoluted because it is hard to follow.

When you use the word categorically, you are saying that you believe something to be true in an absolute way. It's not up for debate or question.

  • He categorically refused to answer the question.
  • I categorically refuse to do that.

To delve is to go deep into something. You might delve into the history of a country or the details of a project.

  • He was delving into the details of the project, which was why he was taking so long.
  • The archaeologist was delving into the mysteries of the ancient ruins.

When you are winded, you are very tired. When you are winded from running, you can't walk very fast.

  • She was winded after running a few blocks.
  • After running for a few miles, I was winded.

To telltale is to be a sign or indicator of something. When you see a telltale sign, you know that there is a danger or problem present.

  • The telltale sign was the broken window.
  • The telltale signs were the bruises on her arm.

Phrasing is the way that you say something. You can use different phrasing to emphasize different parts of your sentence.

  • The politician used phrases such as "All America is watching" to try to appeal to the general public.
  • The teacher used phrases such as "I want you to write a paragraph" to emphasize the importance of the assignment.

When something is overvalued, it is considered to be worth more than it is actually worth. This can be a problem because it can lead to people overspending.

  • The stock market is overvalued, which is why the stock prices are going down.
  • The property is overvalued, which is why the seller is asking so much for it.