The Immune System Explained I – Bacteria Infection

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To suffocate is to stop someone from breathing. When you suffocate someone, you put a cloth or a gag over their mouth and nose so that they can't get air.

  • He was suffocating because the cloth was restricting his breathing.
  • She was suffocating because the gag was restricting her breathing.

An intruder is someone who comes into your home or place of work without permission. They might be thieves, burglars, or anyone else who wants to cause trouble.

  • The police are trying to find the intruders who stole the car.
  • The family is having a lot of trouble dealing with the intruders who moved in next door.

To devour something is to eat it completely. You might say that someone devoured a pizza whole, or that a group of people devoured a cake.

  • The dog devoured the whole cake in minutes.
  • The group of students devoured the pizza in no time.

Neutrophils are a type of white blood cell. They are important for fighting off infections.

  • The immune system responds to the infection by producing more neutrophils.

To be furiously angry is to be very angry. You might be furiously angry when you lose your temper or when you're really upset.

  • The students were furiously angry when they didn't get their answers the way they wanted them.
  • He was furiously angry when he found out that his girlfriend was cheating on him.

A dendritic is a type of tree or plant that has a tree trunk that is branching out in many different directions.

  • The dendritic tree is a type of tree that is very popular in the United Kingdom.
  • The dendritic tree is a type of tree that has very small leaves.

To replenish something is to fill it up again. When the water in the pool is replenished, the pool is full again and the water is clean.

  • The pool was replenished with water from the river.
  • The grocery store replenishes the pantry with food every week.