The History and Future of Everything -- Time

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


An eventful day is one that is full of excitement and drama. It can be a very stressful day, because there is always something happening.

  • The eventful day started with a disagreement between the two teams.
  • The eventful day ended with a fight between the two students.

Coexist means to live together, to be in the same place at the same time. Sometimes coexistence can be a difficult task, because people often have different ideas about how things should be done.

  • The two species coexist peacefully because they both have a need for the other.
  • Coexistence is not possible between the two species, because they can't live together.

A chimpanzee is a type of monkey that is closely related to humans. Chimpanzees are the closest living relatives of humans, and they share a lot of our same characteristics.

  • chimps are very social animals, and they often live in groups.
  • chimps are very intelligent, and they are able to learn new things quickly.

Sloths are animals that are very slow and lazy. They are the only mammals that spend their whole lives in a single place.

  • The sloths are slowly moving through the forest.
  • The sloths are very slow and lazy, so they don't move very fast.

When a country or group is bombarding another country or group, they are firing missiles or bombs at them. The bombs or missiles are usually aimed at targets in the other country or group.

  • The bombardment of the city is causing a lot of damage.
  • The bombardment of the city has been going on for days now.

Spaceships are vehicles that are used to travel through space. They are usually made out of metal and plastic, and they are powered by engines.

  • The spaceship was destroyed by the enemy spaceship.
  • The spaceship is going to explore the far reaches of space.

Evaporated means to disappear or to be used up. When water evaporates, it turns into water vapor.

  • The water evaporated quickly in the sun.
  • The water evaporated quickly because it was hot outside.