The hidden meanings of yin and yang - John Bellaimey

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Opposites are things that are opposite of each other. For example, black and white are opposites, because black is the opposite of white.

  • Opposite colors make an interesting combination.
  • Opposite numbers are also interesting.

To reap is to harvest. When you reap the crops that you have planted, you get the benefits of the work that you have done.

  • The farmer was reaping the benefits of his hard work by getting a good harvest.
  • The benefits of the new law will be reaped by the people in the next few years.

A trough is a long, deep depression in the ground. It's often used to collect water or to store crops.

  • The cattle were being fed from the trough.
  • The farmers are using the trough to store their crops.

An eggshell is a thin layer of the outer shell of a egg. The eggshell is important because it protects the egg from being broken.

  • The eggshell was broken when the egg was dropped.
  • The eggshell is very thin, and it's easy to break.

When the sun is shining, it's called sunlight. When the sunlight shines on a surface, it makes the surface look bright and shiny.

  • The sunbeams were shining through the window.
  • The sunbeams were shining brightly on the flowers.

Blackness is the color that is closest to the color of the night sky. It's usually used to describe things that are dark or mysterious.

  • The blackness of the shadows made the room look scary.
  • The blackness of the night sky makes it difficult to see anything.

Berserk is a state of mind in which a person becomes completely uncontrolled and violent. They might start attacking anyone who gets in their way, or they might just run around randomly.

  • He went berserk and started attacking people.
  • The berserk rage was uncontrollable.

To calmly do something is to behave in a calm and sensible way. When you are calmly handling a difficult situation, you are not acting out of anger or frustration.

  • The patient was calm and kept her composure during the surgery.
  • She was calm and collected while giving her testimony.

The word "truer" can mean two different things. The first meaning is more literal, and it refers to things being more accurate or true than they were before.

  • The truth is that she cheated on the test.
  • The truth is that the dress is too tight.
  • The truth is that the weather is going to be bad today.
  • The truth is that the economy is in a lot of trouble.
  • The truth is that he is really stringy.
  • The truth is that she is really ugly.
  • The truth is that he is really stupid.
  • The truth is that she is really mean.
  • The truth is that he is really boring.
  • The truth is that I don't like this movie.
  • The truth is that you are really stupid.