The Gulf Stream Explained

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Evaporation is the process of a substance (usually water) disappearing into the air. When you pour a glass of water down the drain, it's evaporation that is responsible for taking the water away.

  • The water evaporated quickly because it was hot outside.
  • Evaporation is how the rain works.

To heat something is to make it warm. You can heat something up by using heat or by putting it in a warm environment.

  • The house was too cold, so the residents started heating it up with the furnace.
  • The weather is heating up, so we're going to take the dog outside.

When something is colder, it is colder than usual. Things that are colder than usual usually have a lot of ice or snow on them.

  • It was colder outside today than it has been in a while.
  • The wind is colder than usual.

A maelstrom is a chaotic and dangerous place. It can be a river, a sea, or even a room. In these places, it's very difficult to stay safe because everything is moving so quickly.

  • The ship was caught in the maelstrom and was destroyed.
  • The room became a maelstrom of violence when the fight started.

Pundits are people who are experts in a particular field. They often offer their opinions on political or economic issues, and they can be very influential.

  • The pundits are split on whether or not the treaty will work.
  • The pundits are predicting that the economy will improve soon.

When something is in a standstill, it's not moving or happening at all. Traffic is usually in a standstill when there is a traffic jam.

  • The company is in a standstill because the CEO resigned.
  • The construction project is in a standstill because the workers haven't been able to find the right materials.

A crippled person is someone who has a physical disability. This can be anything from being blind to having a disability that prevents them from walking or talking.

  • The person with the disability is crippled, and that's why they can't walk.
  • The person with the disability is crippled, and that's why they can't talk.