The Future of Fashion – Made from Mushrooms | Dan Widmaier | TED

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Geeked means excited and enthusiastic. When he geeks out over his new computer, he is very excited about it.

  • She was geeked out when she saw the new movie.
  • He was geeked out when he saw the new Star Wars movie.

Pliable means easy to bend or shape. When you are pliable, you are able to bend or shape yourself to fit the situation that you are in.

  • The clay is very pliable, which is why it's so easy to sculpt.
  • The rubber is very pliable, which is why it's so easy to mold.

Wovens are a type of fabric that is made from a series of tiny loops of thread. This makes the fabric very strong and durable.

  • The wovens are very strong and durable, which is why they're often used for clothing.

To weave is to create a fabric by threading one thread through the other. Weaving is a very ancient form of art, and it is still done today.

  • The rug was woven by hand.
  • The fabric was woven on a loom.

To crisscross something is to cross it diagonally. When you crisscross a piece of paper, you make a diagonal line across it.

  • She crisscrossed her arms in front of her as she spoke.
  • The roads were crisscrossed with bike paths.

Stringy means having a soft, sticky texture. When you say something is stringy, you are describing it as being very soft and difficult to move.

  • The soup was stringy and difficult to drink.
  • The dough was stringy and very difficult to work with.

Athleisure is a term that is used to describe clothing that is designed to be worn while you are working out. This usually means clothes that are made of lightweight materials, and they usually have a comfortable fit.

  • She was wearing athleisure clothing, which made her look very fashionable.
  • I love wearing athleisure clothing because it's so comfortable.