The first 21 days of a bee’s life | Anand Varma

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A pinhead is a small, stupid person. The term is often used to describe people who are too narrow-minded or who don't understand complex issues.

  • The politician is a pinhead because he doesn't understand the big picture.
  • The teacher is a pinhead because he doesn't understand the complexities of the math problem.

Pupae are the immature stages of some insects. They are usually smaller and less developed than the adults that they will become.

  • The pupae will eventually turn into adults.
  • The pupae will stay in the egg until it hatches.

To reorganize something is to put it in a new order or to change its layout. When you reorganize your desk, you might move all of the books to one side and all of the pens to another.

  • The company is reorganizing its sales team, which is why there are so many changes happening.
  • She reorganized her closet, which made it much easier to find what she was looking for.

When someone is sedated, they are put to sleep or tranquilized in order to make them less resistant to medication or surgery.

  • The patient was sedated before the surgery to minimize the pain.
  • She was sedated before the operation to make her more comfortable.

To inseminate something is to put a sperm into a female organism. This can be done in a number of ways, including using a condom or a syringe.

  • The couple wanted to inseminate their plants with the sperm of their choosing.
  • The biologist wanted to inseminate the flowers in the lab with the sperm of the mouse.

When people use the word "bee" to describe a group of people, they usually mean a group of honey bees. A beehive is a structure that honey bees build to store their honey.

  • The beehive was destroyed by the storm, which destroyed the honey bees inside.

To domesticate something is to make it behave in a way that is typical of humans. This might mean training it to behave in a certain way, or teaching it to live in a human-controlled environment.

  • The animals were being Domesticated by the researchers.
  • The researchers were Domesticating the animals so that they could study them.

Pollinators are creatures that help plants grow. They are usually insects, but there are also some other creatures that can be pollinators.

  • The garden needs pollinators to survive.
  • Without pollinators, the flowers would die.