The family I lost in North Korea. And the family I gained | Joseph Kim

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


When someone is hopeless, they are very discouraged and they don't think that anything can be done to improve their situation.

  • She was feeling hopeless and depressed after the argument.
  • He was feeling hopeless after he lost his job.

The heaviness of something is its weight. Something that is heavy will cause you to feel tired after you have it in your hands.

  • The book was very heavy, and I was tired after carrying it for a few minutes.
  • The atmosphere of the party was heavy with sadness.

To wither is to die or to become shriveled and weak. If a plant is withering away, it is becoming less and less healthy.

  • The flowers are wilting because of the hot weather.
  • The trees are wilting because of the drought.

To risk something is to take a chance by doing something that might not work out. When you risk your job by going on strike, you're risking a lot.

  • He risked his career by going on strike.
  • She risked her reputation by speaking out against the company.

To say that something happens at night is to say that it happens during the nighttime. This usually means that it happens when it's dark outside.

  • The event happened at night, which is why it was so dark.
  • It's nighttime in America, which means that it's time for bed.

To warmly refers to something that is warm and pleasant. When you say that someone is warmly welcomed, you mean that they are welcome with open arms.

  • She was warmly welcomed by the crowd of protesters.
  • The room was warmly decorated for the party.

When someone is suffocated, they are unable to breathe. This can be caused by a lot of different things, from being trapped in a small space to being sealed inside a container.

  • She was suffocated when the door was closed behind her.
  • The gas was so strong that it suffocated everyone in the room.

When someone is confident, they are sure that they are going to be able to do something. They have faith in themselves, and they believe in their ability to succeed.

  • She was confident that she would be able to pass the test.
  • He was confident that he would be able to win the race.

Gosh is an informal word that is used to express surprise or admiration. It is often used when you don't have the words to express what you're feeling.

  • Gosh, that was a great speech!
  • Gosh, I didn't think you could do that.