The epic of Gilgamesh, the king who tried to conquer death - Soraya Field Fiorio

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To prowl is to move around slowly and stealthily, like a predator. When you prowl through a dark and dangerous forest, you're always on the lookout for danger.

  • He prowled through the forest looking for any sign of danger.
  • The animals were prowling around in search of food.

A priestess is a female priest or priestess. They are usually responsible for religious ceremonies and rituals.

  • The priestess led the ceremony celebrating the new king.
  • The priestess is the head priestess of the temple.

When two people are wrestling, they are trying to control each other. They are pushing and pulling each other, and sometimes they will fall to the ground.

  • He wrestled her to the ground, and she couldn't get up.
  • They wrestled for a few minutes before he finally won.

When someone is ambushed, they are surprised and attacked without warning. Sometimes this happens when someone is walking down a dark street at night.

  • The police were ambushed by the robbers, and they were all shot.
  • The artist was ambushed by the critics, and they accused her of being unoriginal.

Slayed means to kill. When the dragon was slain, it meant that the heroes had won the battle.

  • The dragon was slain by the heroes, which was the victory that they were looking for.

To kneel is to bend down or to sit down on the ground with your knees bent. When you kneel, you are usually praying or worshipping.

  • He knelt down to pray.
  • She knelt down to tie her shoe.

To outrun someone is to run faster than them. Sometimes you outrun someone by accident, but more often you outrun them intentionally.

  • He outran the thief by running away faster.
  • She outran the thief by running away faster than he could.

To budge is to move or to change something in a small way. If you're trying to convince someone to budge on their position, you're asking them to change their mind a little bit.

  • She tried to budge him by pointing out the problems with his argument.
  • The landlord tried to budge the tenant by offering to add another month to the lease.

Lazuli is a type of mineral that is used to make blue dye. It is also sometimes used as a pigment.

  • The statue was made out of Lazuli, which is why it is so beautiful.
  • The dye in the fabric is made out of Lazuli, which is why it is so blue.