The difference between healthy and unhealthy love | Katie Hood

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


An instinctual response is something that you do without thinking. It's usually a reflex, and it doesn't usually involve reasoning or planning.

  • Her reflexive response was to reach for the gun.
  • His instinctual response was to fight back.

Tethering is the practice of attaching something to a stationary object so that it can't move. This can be useful in a number of situations, such as when you want to keep a dog or cat safe.

  • She tethered the dog to the post to keep it safe.
  • The tethering system keeps the car from moving.

When someone is possessive, they are too demanding or jealous. They often don't let others do or have anything that they want.

  • He is possessive, which is why he won't let me touch the toy.
  • She is possessive, which is why she won't let us borrow the book.

To belittle someone is to treat them in a way that is not fair or respectful. You might belittle them by calling them names or making fun of them.

  • The teacher was belittling the students, calling them names and making fun of their mistakes.
  • She was trying to belittle her opponent by making fun of his clothes and haircut.

Overreacting is doing something that is too much, or too much of the wrong thing. When you overreact, you react in a way that is too strong or too rash.

  • His overreaction was to get mad at everyone.
  • Her overreaction was to cry all the time.

A breakup is a period of time when two people who are dating or are in a relationship end it. Often, there is a lot of hurt and pain involved in a breakup.

  • The breakups were becoming more and more frequent, which was starting to wear on both of us.
  • She broke up with him after a long and difficult breakup.

To makeups is to wear makeup to make yourself look nicer. Sometimes people use the word to describe the act of putting makeup on in general.

  • She always wears makeup to make herself look nicer.
  • He always wears makeup to make himself look more handsome.

To squabble is to argue or to fight with each other. When two children are squabbling, they are usually fighting about something small.

  • The two kids were squabbling over who was going to get the cake.
  • The two politicians were squabbling over who was going to be the new leader.

Quarreling is a very loud and annoying form of arguing. It usually happens between two people who are already angry, and it usually gets worse before it gets better.

  • They were quarreling so loudly that I couldn't hear the TV.
  • They were quarreling so loudly that I couldn't hear the baby.