The Day the Dinosaurs Died – Minute by Minute

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


The undergrowth is the part of the forest that is below the surface of the ground. It's usually full of plants and trees that have been hidden by the leaves and branches above.

  • The undergrowth was dense and full of plants.
  • The undergrowth is a dangerous place because there are snakes and spiders lurking in it.

To vaporize something is to turn it into vapor. This is usually done by heating it up until it becomes a gas, and then releasing the gas into the air.

  • The gas was vaporized when it was heated.
  • The gas was vaporized when it was released into the air.

When someone is catapulted, they are suddenly thrown into a new or different situation. This can be a happy or a sad situation, but it always comes as a surprise.

  • She was catapulted into the limelight when she was cast in the TV show.
  • He was catapulted into the world of politics when he was elected to office.

Refracted means that something is reflected in a different direction than it was originally going. When the light passes through a prism, it is refracted in many different directions.

  • The light was refracted by the prism, turning the blue light into all the different colors.
  • The water was refracted by the glass, turning the clear water into a spectrum of colors.

To vaporize something is to turn it into a gas or vapor. This usually happens when you heat something up too much, and the energy is turned into heat and vapor.

  • The plant was vaporized when the heater was turned all the way up.
  • The chemical was vaporized when it was exposed to the flame.

Ammonites are a group of extinct marine animals that were famous for their spiral shells. They were some of the first animals to have a shell that was made of many parts.

  • The ammonites lived during the Jurassic period, which was about 200 million years ago.

YouTube is a website that lets you watch videos. You can access YouTube through your computer, phone, or tablet.

  • I found the video that I was looking for on YouTube.
  • Can you show me the YouTube app on my phone?

Infographics are a type of graphic that are used to illustrate information. They are usually very organized and easy to understand.

  • The infographic illustrates the different types of food that are healthy for you.
  • The infographic is very easy to understand, and it illustrates the different types of food that are unhealthy for you.

A paleontologist is a scientist who studies the fossils of ancient animals. They work to learn more about the history of the earth and the animals that lived on it.

  • He is a paleontologist, which is why he knows so much about fossils.
  • She is a paleontologist, which is why she was able to identify the fossil that he found.