The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To reassemble something is to put it back together again. When you break something, you might need to reassemble it so that it works properly again.

  • The team reassembled the toy quickly so that the child would not be sad.
  • He reassembled the toy so that the pieces would fit back together properly.

When there is a lot of something, it's called a swarm. A swarm can be a group of bees, mosquitoes, or other insects.

  • The swarm of bees was so large, it was difficult to move around.
  • The swarm of mosquitoes was so bad, it was impossible to stay outside.

Overreact is to act in a way that is too extreme or too emotional. When you overreact, you act in a way that is not rational or reasonable.

  • He overreacted when he threw the book at her.
  • She overreacts to everything, which is why she is so tense all the time.

To regain something is to get it back after it has been lost or stolen. When you regain your memory, you suddenly remember things that you had forgotten.

  • After he regained his memory, he wanted to know what had happened between him and the girl.
  • After the animal had been lost for a few days, it was finally found and regain by the police.

Alveoli are small sacks that are located in the lungs. They are responsible for taking in and exchanging air with the environment.

  • The alveoli are particularly important when we are breathing in cold air.

To distance yourself from someone is to move away from them. You can distance yourself emotionally, physically, or both.

  • They distanced themselves from the group by staying away from the conversations.
  • She distanced herself from him by not talking to him anymore.

When two people shake hands, they are usually trying to show their respect for each other. A handshake is usually just a simple way to say hello, congratulations, or goodbye.

  • He offered me his hand to shake, but I declined.
  • He offered me his hand to shake, but I refused again.

A quarantine is a period of time during which people are not allowed to come into or leave a particular area. This is often done to prevent the spread of a disease.

  • The quarantine was put in place to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • The quarantine was put in place to prevent the spread of the disease.

A pandemic is a widespread epidemic. A pandemic can be caused by anything from a virus to a new kind of bacteria.

  • The pandemic is caused by the flu.
  • The pandemic is caused by the SARS virus.