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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video

A constellation is a group of stars that appear together in the sky. The constellation Orion is made up of the stars Orion the Hunter, Orion the Warrior, and Orion the Giant.

  • The stars in the constellation Orion are very bright and easy to see.

To say that someone is luckier than someone else is to say that the person has been lucky in the past.

  • He's luckier than his brother because he has never gotten in trouble.
  • She's luckier than me because she always gets what she wants.

unlucky is a word that is used to describe someone who has had a lot of bad luck. They might be unlucky in love, unlucky at work, or unlucky in general.

  • She is unlucky because she keeps getting bad luck in her relationships.
  • He is unlucky because he keeps getting fired from his job.
  • The team is unlucky because they keep losing in the playoffs.

temperament is the way that someone is naturally inclined. Some people are very impulsive, while others are more patient.

  • He has a very tempestuous personality.
  • She is very patient, which is why she is able to handle the tempestuous personality of her son.

A fluctuation is a change in the amount of something, usually in a positive or negative direction. The stock price of a company is usually fluctuating, which means that it is going up and down.

  • The stock price is fluctuating, which means that it is going up and down.
  • The temperature is fluctuating, which means that it is going up and down.

Geopolitics is the study of the politics of geography. It includes everything from the relationships between countries to the way that the environment affects politics.

  • Geopolitics is the study of the physical and political geography of the world.
  • Geopolitics is the study of the intersection of physical and political geography.

When something has a big impact, it has a big effect on the way things are. A big impact can be positive or negative.

  • The new law has a big impact on the way the city is run.
  • The new movie has a big impact on the way the world views superheroes.

Mischievous means playful and naughty. People who are mischievous often enjoy playing tricks on others.

  • She was acting very mischievous, sneaking around and giggling.
  • He was acting very mischievous, stealing the cookies and eating them without anyone noticing.