The Chinese myth of the meddling monk - Shunan Teng

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Devout means religious or devoted. When someone is devout, they are very religious, and they often follow the rules of their religion very closely.

  • The devout person always wears a cross around their neck.
  • The devout person is always very respectful of their religion.

To consort with someone is to spend time with them. You might consort with someone in order to get information or to make a deal.

  • The politician is consorting with the mobsters in order to get their support.
  • The couple consorts with other singles in order to find a compatible partner.

To subdue is to overcome or control. When the police subdued the suspect, they were able to control him and bring him in peacefully.

  • The soldiers were able to subdue the suspect with little effort.
  • The teacher tried to subdue the students with her authority, but it didn't work.

To retract something is to take it back, to undo or change it. When you retract a proposal, you're saying that you no longer want to submit it to the committee.

  • After the proposal was retracted, the committee voted against it.
  • The article was retracted after it was found to be fake.

Alms is a word that is sometimes used to describe money that is given to poor people or to the church. Alms can also refer to food or other supplies that are given to people in need.

  • The church gives alms to the poor every week.
  • The government gives alms to the poor to help them rebuild after the storm.

To sternly is to behave in a very strict and demanding way. When you sternly tell someone to do something, you are not going to be gentle or lenient with them.

  • The teacher sternly told the students to stop talking.
  • The police officer sternly told the driver to stop.

To encrust something is to cover it with a layer of something sticky or gooey. Sometimes encrustation is a natural process, and other times it is the result of something else.

  • The tree was encrusted with moss.
  • The sauce was encrusted with sugar.

A jewel is a valuable object that is made out of precious materials. Jewels are often worn as jewelry, or they might be used in decoration.

  • The ring is made out of diamonds, which are jewels.
  • The necklace is made out of precious jewels.

To be absolved is to be forgiven. When someone is absolved, they have been forgiven by the person or group that they have wronged.

  • The priest absolved the congregation of their sins.
  • The king absolved the soldier of his crimes.