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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A turbocharged engine is one that is powered by a turbocharger. A turbocharger is a machine that helps the engine to work more quickly and efficiently.

  • The car has a turbocharged engine, which makes it faster than the other cars.
  • The engine was turbocharged and it made a lot of noise.

A drove is a group of animals or people. When you say that there are droves of animals, you mean that there are a lot of them.

  • The drove of cars was blocking the road.
  • The drove of students rushed into the library.

Classism is the discrimination of people based on their social class. There are different types of classism, but the most common is the discrimination of people who are poor or working class.

  • The classism in the school system is unfair because it favors the rich students.
  • The classism in the workplace is unfair because it favors the rich employees.

Sexism is discrimination against women. It can take many different forms, from simple sexism (the belief that women are inferior to men) to more extreme forms of sexism, which involve violence or discrimination against women.

  • The sexist comments made by the boss were not acceptable.
  • The sexism that was happening in the workplace was unacceptable.

To goof is to make a mistake. When you goof, you usually end up doing something that you don't want to do.

  • He always goofs when he's trying to do a math problem.
  • She always goofs when she's trying to do her math homework.

The government subsidies a product or service in order to make it more affordable. This means that the government is giving money to the company or person who is providing the product or service, in order to make it more affordable for the consumer.

  • The government subsidies oil companies so that they can continue to operate.
  • The company is subsidizing the rental fees for the apartments, so that people who can't afford to pay full price can still live in the city.

When something is outsized, it is larger than normal. An outsized ego is one example of something that is oversized.

  • His oversized ego was his biggest problem.
  • The oversized dress was too big for her.

To dedicate something is to give it a special purpose or use. When you dedicate a book to someone, you are saying that you think highly of them and want to honor them by giving them this special book.

  • The library is dedicating a new section to children's books.
  • She dedicated her performance at the memorial service to her father.

digitization is the process of making digital copies of physical objects. This is often done so that the copies can be used in some kind of electronic system.

  • The library is digitizing its collection of books so that they can be accessed from anywhere.
  • The company is digitizing its old books so that they can be used in a new online system.