The Billion Ant Mega Colony and the Biggest War on Earth

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Stingers are tiny barbs on the tails of some insects. They are used to inject a poison into the blood of other animals.

  • The stingers on the scorpion's tail are very poisonous.
  • The stingers on the bee's abdomen are used to carry pollen.

When something is deathly, it is very dangerous or deadly. deathly diseases are very dangerous, and deathly battles are often very violent.

  • The deathly silence of the forest was eerie.
  • The deathly fight between the dragon and the knight was dangerous.

A megalopolis is a large city that is made up of many different neighborhoods. There are usually a lot of people living in a megalopolis, and it can be very crowded.

  • The city is growing very quickly, and it's become a megalopolis.
  • The megalopolis is the largest city in the world.

Unimpressive is a word that is used to describe something that is not very good or impressive.

  • The performance was unimpressive, and the team lost the game.
  • His new invention was unimpressive, and nobody wanted to buy it.

When someone is a stowaway, they are not supposed to be on the ship, but they end up being on it anyway. They sneak onto the ship without permission and then try to hide from the authorities.

  • The stowaways were caught and arrested.
  • The stowaways were able to get on the ship undetected and are now living on board.

To irritate someone is to make them angry. When you irritate someone, you are usually doing something that is not very pleasant.

  • The noise was so loud that it was irritating.
  • The teacher was irritating because she was always correcting us.

To exterminate something is to kill it all. You can exterminate a whole group of people, or you can exterminate a single person.

  • The army is exterminating the bugs in the city.
  • The exterminator is going to exterminate all the rats in the neighborhood.

When an opponent is outgunned, they are armed and equipped less than their opponent is. This can lead to them being defeated or it can make it difficult for them to fight.

  • The army was outgunned by the militia.
  • The company was outgunned by the competitor.

Quacks are people who are trying to sell something that is not really effective or that is dangerous. They often try to sell their products to people who don't really need them.

  • The quack is selling a useless product.
  • The quack is selling a dangerous product.