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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


When someone is channeled, they are using their intuition and psychic ability to communicate with the spirit world. This might happen when a person is meditating or when they are in a trance.

  • He was channeling the spirit of his grandfather when he made the cake.
  • She was channeling the spirit of her grandmother when she made the necklace.

A declarative sentence is one that is designed to tell you something. It is usually simple and straightforward, without any modifiers or adjectives.

  • The sentence is declarative, meaning that it is telling you what to do.
  • The sentence is declarative, meaning that it is telling you what is true.

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change and adapt to new situations and stimuli. This means that the brain can learn new things and change its behavior in response to new experiences.

  • Recent studies have shown that neuroplasticity can also be used to treat mental illnesses.
  • Neuroplasticity is responsible for the development of new memories.

When something is reactivated, it is brought back to life. This might be after it has been inactive for a while, or it might be brought back to life by some new event.

  • The computer was reactivated after being stolen.
  • The team was reactivated after being cancelled.

To memorize something is to remember it very well. You might memorize the lyrics to a song, the order of the planets, or the names of the presidents.

  • She was trying to memorize the names of all the presidents.
  • He was trying to memorize the capitals of all the countries.

Skimping is a verb meaning to save or to use less than what is necessary. When you skimp on your food, you are only eating a small amount of food and not filling your stomach.

  • She skims the milk from her coffee, saving herself some money.
  • The store is skimping on the product, so the quality is not very good.