The anti-CEO playbook | Hamdi Ulukaya

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


When you notice something, you notice it and you pay attention to it. You might notice a person or a problem, and you might try to figure out why you're noticing it.

  • The teacher noticed that the student was not paying attention, and she asked him to explain what was wrong.
  • The woman noticed the man walking down the street and she followed him.

When someone brags, they are bragging about something that they have done. They might brag about their skills or their achievements.

  • He bragged about how well he did on the test, even though he knew that he didn't actually do that well.
  • She bragged about how much money she made last month, even though she doesn't actually have that much money.

When someone is behaving in a certain way, they are acting in a way that is typically considered polite and acceptable. This might include things like following the rules, being polite, and not making too much noise.

  • He was behaving very rudely by talking on his cell phone in the library.
  • She was behaving very nicely by waiting until everyone was done before she started her own conversation.

To taste something is to put it in your mouth and try to taste it. You might taste a food to see if it's safe to eat or you might taste a new perfume to see if it smells good.

  • He tasted the food to make sure it was safe to eat.
  • She tasted the perfume to see if it smelled good.

A playbook is a set of instructions that a player or team can use during a game. It contains all of the information that the player or team needs to know in order to play the game well.

  • The coach prepared a playbook for the game.
  • The team was using their playbook to plan their strategy.

Sacrificed means to give something up in order to achieve a goal. When the soldiers were sacrificing their lives, they were giving up their lives in order to protect their country.

  • She sacrificed her own safety to help the other students.
  • The company is sacrificing profits in order to improve the quality of their products.

The dumbest thing that you could do is something that is completely and utterly stupid. There is no other word that is as accurate or descriptive.

  • The dumbest thing that you could do is to get on the wrong bus.
  • The dumbest thing that you could do is to try and climb up the cliff.

When someone is partnered, they are married or in a relationship. They are also called a spouse.

  • She is partnered with a guy she met online.
  • He is partnered with a woman he met at the library.

To unleash is to let go of something. When you unleash a dog, you are letting it go free.

  • The dog was unleashed and ran into the street.
  • The protesters were unleashed when the police finally arrived.