Strange answers to the psychopath test | Jon Ronson

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Malinger is a verb meaning to fake illness or injury in order to get out of work, school, or other responsibilities. People who malinger often do it to get sympathy or to avoid difficult conversations.

  • He was caught malingering and was fired from his job.
  • She was caught malingering and was suspended from school.

The word 'crazier' is usually used to describe someone who is acting in a way that is not normal. They are more likely to be act in an irrational or crazy way.

  • The crazier he got, the more people started to leave the party.
  • The crazier she got, the more people started to scream.

A cellmate is someone who lives in the same cell as you. Cells are small rooms in prison, hospital, or other places where people are detained.

  • He is serving time in a prison cell with a cellmate.
  • She is living with a cellmate in a shelter.

Bumblebees are small, brown insects that are very important in the life of flowers. They are responsible for pollinating the flowers, which helps the flowers to grow and produce fruit.

  • The bumblebees are attracted to the nectar in the flowers, and they are able to travel long distances to get to it.

The term grandiosity refers to a feeling of superiority or self-importance. People who have grandiosity often think that they are better than others, and that they know more than they actually do.

  • The patient had a lot of grandiosity, thinking that he was invincible.
  • The politician had a lot of grandiosity, thinking that he could do anything.

Psychopaths are people who have a very low level of empathy and guilt. They often have no problem hurting other people, and they don't feel any remorse or guilt for their actions.

  • A psychopath is someone who killed all of the animals in the zoo.
  • Psychopaths are often charming and charming, which makes it difficult to know when they're actually being harmful.

Remorseless means without pity or mercy. When the victim cries out for help, he is met with silence and remorselessness.

  • The killer was remorseless, and he killed her without mercy.
  • The company is remorseless, and they won't give us our money back.

Psychopathy is a mental disorder that is characterized by a lack of empathy and conscience. psychopaths are often violent and manipulative, and they have a very difficult time regulating their emotions.

  • He has a strong personality and doesn't care about other people, which is why he is a psychopath.
  • She is a psychopath because she doesn't feel the pain of others.

The most mad or insane person is the one who is the most angry and excited at the same time. They're usually in a lot of pain, and they can't control themselves.

  • The madest person was the one who was the most angry and violent.
  • The madest person was the one who was the most excited and happy.