Small rockets are the next space revolution | Peter Beck

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To democratize something is to make it available to everyone who wants to use it. When the internet was first made available to the general public, it was called democratizing the internet.

  • The company is trying to democratize its product by making it available to everyone.
  • The publisher is trying to democratize the publishing process by making it available to everyone.

Afoul means to be in violation of a law or rule. If you are afoul of the speed limit, you are breaking the law.

  • The company was fined for having an afoul employee.
  • The police were called to the school after an afoul student was caught smoking cigarettes.

Another is a word that is used to refer to somebody who is different from you. It can be used as a form of address or to describe someone who is not part of your group.

  • Another student raised their hand.
  • Another author wrote a book about the same topic.

A superalloy is a type of metal that is very strong and resistant to corrosion. It is also very flexible and easy to work with.

  • The alloy is made of two different superalloys.
  • The alloy is made of a superalloy that is both strong and flexible.

Propellants are substances that are used to propel something. They are usually chemicals that are released into the air to make something move.

  • The rockets used in spaceflight are propelled by propellants.
  • The propellants in the rocket engine are burning.

The perigee of an object is the point in its orbit where it is closest to the Earth. This is also the point where the object is farthest from the Earth's sun.

  • The perigee of the moon is always the same distance from the Earth.
  • The perigee of the sun is moving around, and it changes every day.

When something is democratizing, it is becoming available to more people. This could mean that the thing is becoming cheaper, or easier to find.

  • The vaccine is now available to everyone, democratizing the prevention of diseases.
  • The internet is democratizing information, making it available to more people than ever before.