Sloths! The strange life of the world's slowest mammal | Lucy Cooke

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Languorous means lazy and unproductive. The word can be used to describe anything from a person who is sitting around doing nothing to a river that is moving very slowly.

  • The river was languorous and sluggish.
  • The person was languorous and inactive.

When you say that something is humanlike, you mean that it has the same kind of emotions and feelings that humans do. This includes feelings like love, sadness, and anger.

  • The robot was designed to be humanlike, so that it could be able to interact with humans effectively.
  • The sculpture is very humanlike, with the features that humans would find most attractive.

To deride is to criticize or mock someone. When you deride someone, you are usually making fun of them.

  • He derided the new policy as being ridiculous.
  • The teacher derided the project for being too easy.

To idolize someone is to think of them as a perfect example of what you want to be. You might idolize a celebrity, politician, or other person, and you might try to imitate their behavior.

  • She idolizes celebrities and tries to dress like them.
  • He idolizes his father, and he wants to be just like him.

A calorific is something that provides a lot of energy. This can be anything from food to exercise to cigarettes.

  • The calorific energy drink is very popular among college students.
  • The calorific effect of the hot sun on the skin is very dangerous.

To reabsorb something is to take it back into your body. When you eat food, it usually passes through your digestive system and is eventually excreted.

  • The food was reabsorbed by the body before it was eliminated.
  • The plant reabsorbs water from the atmosphere.

Yodeling is a type of singing that is done using a yodeler's voice. Yodelling is usually done in a country or folk music setting, and it is often used to accompany other instruments.

  • The yodelling was really good, and it added a lot of flavor to the performance.
  • The yodelling was really bad, and it was very annoying.

Freakishly is an adverb that is used to describe something that is very strange or unexpected. The word is often used in combination with other adjectives to make it even more descriptive.

  • The injury was freakishly severe.
  • The speech was freakishly long.

When someone is electrocuted, they are shocked or killed by electricity. This can happen when they touch a wire that is connected to a power source, or when they are near a power line.

  • The victim was electrocuted when he touched the wire.
  • The victim was electrocuted when he was near the power line.