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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Acing is a term that is often used in school to describe someone who is doing very well in a subject. It is also used to describe someone who is doing very well on a test.

  • She aced her math test.
  • He aced his chemistry test.

Brainwaves are the waves of electrical activity that are produced by the brain when it is thinking. They are usually measured using an EEG machine.

  • The pattern that was found in the brainwaves was similar to the pattern that is usually seen when someone is thinking about a problem.

To transact is to do business. When you transact with someone, you are exchanging goods or services.

  • The business transacts with other companies to get goods and services.
  • The business transacts with customers to get their money.

Fiendishly is a word that is used to describe someone who is very cruel and evil. They are usually obsessed with inflicting pain on others, and they enjoy it.

  • The villain was fiendishly cruel, tormenting the protagonist for fun.
  • The villain was fiendishly clever, managing to escape from the police station fiendishly.

A virile person is someone who is strong and healthy. They are often able to do things that other people find difficult or even dangerous.

  • He is very virile, which is why he's able to do all those exercises.
  • The virile man was able to fight off the attacker.

To upregulate is to increase the level of activity or activity in a particular area. When the government upregulates the economy, they are trying to increase the level of jobs and businesses.

  • The company is upregulating its production line to meet growing demand.
  • The city is upregulating the area around the school to make it safer.

A cranny is a small space or area. You might find a cranny in the wall of a cave or under a couch.

  • The cranny under the bed is a great place to hide things.
  • The cranny under the sink is a great place to hide valuables.

A nonnegotiable item is something that you will not negotiate or agree to. You will not compromise on this item, no matter what.

  • The contract was nonnegotiable, which is why they couldn't come to an agreement.
  • The rules were nonnegotiable, which is why the game was so difficult.

To relearn something is to learn it again from scratch. Sometimes you have to relearn a skill that you lost, or you have to learn it for the first time again.

  • She had to relearn how to ride a bike, after she lost her balance the first time.
  • I have to relearn how to speak French, after I stopped practicing a few years ago.