Run, sail, or hide? How to survive the destruction of Pompeii - Gary Devore

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Tephra is a type of volcanic ash. It's made when the ash and gas from a volcano escape into the air.

  • The tephra from the volcano was so thick that it blocked out the sun.
  • The tephra from the volcano was so heavy that it destroyed everything in its path.

To billow is to move or to swell up like a wave. When the wind billows the sail on the boat, the sail is moving in the wind.

  • The waves billowed up and crashed against the shore.
  • The dress billowed out around her waist.

Pyroclastic is a type of rock that is formed when hot rocks and ash are thrown up into the air. The hot rocks and ash are mixed together and sometimes explode.

  • The pyroclastic flow was very dangerous because it was filled with hot rocks and ash.
  • The pyroclastic flow was very beautiful because it was filled with light and color.

To engulf something is to completely surround and control it. When the waves engulf the shore, they are very high and powerful.

  • The terrorists attempted to engulf the city, but they were unsuccessful.
  • The city was engulfed by the forest.

Sulfurous means full of sulfur. Sulfurous soils are poisonous, and they often contain a lot of sulfur.

  • The smell in the room was very sulfurous.
  • The smell of the gas was very sulfurous.

Flickers are brief flashes of light. They can be seen when you look at a light from a certain angle, or when you move your eyes quickly around.

  • The flickers of light were very strange.
  • The flickers of light were coming from the fire.

To sheer something is to cut it very thin. Sheers are often used to make curtains or other cloths very thin and delicate.

  • The fabric was sheer, so you could see through it.
  • The sheers were so thin that the sun shone through them.

The townspeople are the people who live in a town or city. They are usually the people who are most affected by the actions of the mayor or other leaders.

  • The townspeople are angry with the mayor because he is not doing enough to help them.
  • The townspeople are afraid of the monster because it has killed a lot of people.

When something is rediscovered, it is found again after being lost or forgotten. This might happen when someone finds a lost object, or when a new discovery is made about a previously unknown topic.

  • He rediscovered his love for cooking when he started making his own meals.
  • The rediscovery of the language has led to a new understanding of the history of the world.