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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


When people talk about tenements, they are usually referring to old, dirty, and dangerous buildings. These buildings were usually built near the edge of a city, so they could get a lot of people in close proximity.

  • The tenements were built so that the poor could live near the rich.
  • The tenements are a reminder of the city's past.

A bricklayer is someone who is skilled at laying bricks. They need a lot of strength and stamina to work on a bricklaying project.

  • The bricklayer is working on the roof of the building.
  • The bricklayer is putting in new bricks in the wall.

The middle age is the stage of life between the young age and old age. It's a time when people are in the middle of their careers, and they are starting to become more responsible.

  • She's in her midlife now, which is a time of growth and change.
  • He's in his midlife, which is a time of reflection and planning.

An octogenarian is a person who is old enough to have a retirement plan, but who is still alive and kicking. Octogenarians are usually very healthy, and they are often very active.

  • She is an octogenarian and she's still very active.
  • He is an octogenarian and he's still healthy and active.

To bicker is to argue or to fuss with each other. When you bicker, you are usually arguing about small details.

  • They bickered all the way to the store.
  • They bickered about who was going to clean the kitchen.

When people are working together, they are usually called workmates. Workmates can be friends or co-workers, but they are usually working together to achieve a common goal.

  • He was very surprised when he found out that his workmates were also his new friends.
  • She was very surprised when she found out that her workmates were also her new enemies.