Paul Bloom: The origins of pleasure

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A forger is someone who is able to create fake documents or other objects. They can do this by using the same techniques that criminals use to make fake money or passports.

  • The forger was able to create a very convincing fake document.
  • The forger was able to create a fake painting that was very realistic.

Snobs are people who are very judgmental and dismissive of other people. They often have a very high opinion of themselves, and they don't care about other people's opinions.

  • The snobs at the party were not interested in listening to any of the other guests.
  • The snobs at the party were not interested in anything other than their own opinions.

Tastier is a word that is used to describe things that are more enjoyable or satisfying. When you say that something is tastier, you mean that it is more enjoyable to eat or drink than something else.

  • The soup was tastier than the salad.
  • The wine was tastier than the beer.

To be romantically involved with someone means to have a strong emotional connection to them. You might call someone your "true love," or say that you're "in love with them."

  • She is romantically involved with him, which is why she is so upset.
  • He is not romantically involved with her, which is why he is not so upset.

Heartening is a word that is used to describe something that makes you feel good. It can be something small, like a compliment, or something big, like a victory.

  • The article was heartening, because it showed that the number of people who are vegan is growing.
  • The victory was heartening, because it showed that the team was able to win despite being down by several points at the beginning of the game.

A virile person is someone who is strong and healthy. They are often able to do things that other people find difficult or even dangerous.

  • He is very virile, which is why he's able to do all those exercises.
  • The virile man was able to fight off the attacker.

Cooties are tiny little bugs that live in the dirt. When people are exposed to cooties, they can get sick.

  • The children were complaining about getting sick from the cooties in the playground.
  • Cooties are spread when people touch contaminated surfaces, such as the door handles of a classroom.

Malevolence is a very strong feeling of hatred or anger towards someone. It's usually reserved for someone who has done you harm or who you believe has done harm to you.

  • He had a malevolent expression on his face.
  • The malevolent aura was spreading throughout the room.