Overpopulation & Africa

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Overcrowded means that there are too many people in a space. This can be a problem in restaurants, buses, and other places where people are supposed to be able to move around freely.

  • The bus was so overcrowded that people were getting sick.
  • The restaurant was so overcrowded that nobody was able to get a table.

Industrialize is to turn a country or region into a place where factories and other industrial businesses are common. This often leads to a lot of pollution and other problems.

  • The country was industrialized when the government started to support the industrial business.
  • The region is industrializing, which is why the air is so polluted.

To conceal something is to keep it hidden from view. You might conceal your anger or your sadness by pretending to be happy or content.

  • The politician tried to conceal the fact that he was angry.
  • The writer tried to conceal the fact that she was sad.

To generalize is to make a generalized statement about a group of people or things. For example, you might generalize about all women by saying that they are always emotional.

  • college students generalize about all adults by saying that they are always wrong.
  • The teacher generalizes about all students by saying that they are lazy.

To rack your brain is to try to think of something that you haven't thought of before. When you're stuck on a problem, you might rack your brain to see if you can come up with a solution.

  • She racked her brain for hours trying to think of a way to solve the problem.
  • After trying all the different ideas, he rack his brain for a final solution.

Unsolvable means that something cannot be solved. This might be because the problem is too big or because there is no solution that is satisfactory to both sides.

  • The problem is unsolvable because there is too much money involved.
  • The problem is unsolvable because nobody knows how to do it.

To quack is to make a noise like a duck. When someone quacks, it usually means that they are unhappy or disappointed.

  • The doctor was quacking all the time, and it was making me uncomfortable.
  • The salesman was quacking all the time, and it was making me feel unwelcome.