Optimistic Nihilism

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


A speck is a tiny amount of something. Sometimes speck means a tiny bit of dirt or dust.

  • The speck of dirt on her shirt was enough to ruin the outfit.
  • The speck of dust on the rug was enough to make it dirty.

A supercluster is a group of galaxies that is much larger than the average cluster. The supercluster is made up of thousands of galaxies, and it is estimated that it contains over a hundred billion stars.

  • The supercluster is one of the biggest discoveries in astronomy in recent years.
  • The supercluster is made up of galaxies that are very close to each other.

Existential means relating to or dealing with existence. Existential threats refers to the dangers and threats that come with being alive.

  • The existential threat to the planet is the increasing amount of pollution.
  • The existential threat to humanity is the threat of extinction.

An unscientific idea is an idea that is not based on scientific evidence. It's often used to describe ideas or arguments that are not based on facts or research.

  • The unscientific argument is that vaccinations cause autism.
  • The unscientific idea is that global warming is a hoax.

Nihilism is a philosophical belief that there is no meaning or purpose to life. Many nihilists believe that life is pointless and that humans are nothing more than animals.

  • Many people in the city are nihilists because they don't believe that there is anything worth fighting for.
  • Many people who are nihilists believe that humans are nothing more than animals.

The cruelest thing that you could do is to hurt or punish someone who is innocent. This is sometimes called the principle of innocent victims.

  • The police officer was brutalized, and he is the victim of the cruelest crime.
  • The teacher was cruel to her students, and she is the victim of the cruelest act.

A void is a space that is not occupied. When a contract is voided, it means that it is no longer valid.

  • The contract was voided because the company did not meet the requirements.
  • The contract was voided because the person did not meet the requirements.

Sunrise is the moment when the light from the sun begins to reach the Earth. It usually happens in the east, but it can also happen in the west.

  • Sunrise is usually the best time to see the sunrise.
  • Sunrise is always beautiful, but it's especially beautiful this year.