Nuclear Energy Explained: How does it work? 1/3

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To skyrocket is to go from being very low in popularity to becoming very popular very quickly. When a new product or idea starts to skyrocket in popularity, it quickly becomes the most popular thing in the world.

  • The toy company's toy rocket soared to the top of the sales charts.
  • The movie's ratings skyrocketed after the first weekend.

An underdog is a team or person that is expected to lose, but in fact ends up winning. This is usually because the underdog is very talented, or because the other team is not playing their best.

  • The underdog team was able to win because they were very talented.
  • The underdog candidate was able to win the election because he was able to connect with the people.

When something is shockingly bad, it is so much worse than you expected. When you are shocked, you are not able to react in a normal way.

  • The movie was so shockingly bad that I couldn't take it anymore.
  • The article was so shockingly bad that I couldn't believe it was written by a professional journalist.

To heat something is to make it warm. You can heat something up by using heat or by putting it in a warm environment.

  • The house was too cold, so the residents started heating it up with the furnace.
  • The weather is heating up, so we're going to take the dog outside.

Fission is the process of a substance (usually an atom) splitting into two parts. This can happen when the atom is hit by an ion or when it is in a hot environment.

  • Fission is the process that creates atoms.
  • The process of fission is used to create bombs.

Neutrons are the tiny particles that make up atoms. They are very important because they are the atoms' nucleus.

  • The neutron star is the most dense object in the universe, and it's made up of neutron particles.

When you are bombarded, you are hit with a lot of things or ideas at once. This can be a very overwhelming experience, and it can lead to confusion and chaos.

  • The meeting was bombarded with questions from the media.
  • She was bombarded with emails from supporters.

To spark something is to start it up. When you light a match, you spark the fire.

  • The fire was sparked when the match was thrown into the wood.
  • The argument was sparked when he said something inflammatory.

To stagnate is to stop growing or to stop improving. When the economy stagnates, the number of jobs and the amount of money in the economy stay the same.

  • The economy has stagnated, which is why there are no new jobs.
  • The company's sales have stagnated, which is why they're losing money.