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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To detonate is to cause something to explode. This can be a literal explosion, or it can be a more figurative explosion, such as when a plan or idea is finally realized.

  • The plan was supposed to detonate after a certain date, but it never happened.
  • His plan to detonate the bomb at a specific time was foiled by the police.

When a person is chaperoned, they are accompanied by a adult or older person. This person is usually there to make sure that the person is safe and to help them with their activities.

  • She was chaperoned while she went shopping.
  • He was chaperoned while he went to the movie theater.

Nothing is a very general term that can be used to describe anything. When you say that something is nothing, you mean that it is very small and insignificant.

  • Nothing tastes as good as a chocolate chip cookie.
  • The nothing that he said was insulting.

The shithole countries are a group of countries that are considered to be very poor and low-quality. The term is often used to describe countries like Haiti, Colombia, and Venezuela.

  • The president said that the United States should stop giving money to these shithole countries.
  • The shithole countries are a source of a lot of crime.

When something is creaking, it is making a noise that is usually unpleasant. The sound of a creaking door is often enough to make you scream.

  • The staircase was creaking quite loudly.
  • The door was creaking, which was making it difficult to hear.

A doorknob is a knob on a door that you can turn to open it. Doorknobs are usually made of metal or plastic, and they are usually round.

  • I can't find the doorknob, it's hidden behind the door.
  • The doorknob is rusty, and it's difficult to turn.