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Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


An enabler is someone who helps someone do something that they might not be able to do on their own. They might be a friend, family member, or supporter.

  • His parents are enablers, which is why he is so lazy.
  • The school is trying to be an enabler, by providing resources and support.

Tethering is the practice of attaching something to a stationary object so that it can't move. This can be useful in a number of situations, such as when you want to keep a dog or cat safe.

  • She tethered the dog to the post to keep it safe.
  • The tethering system keeps the car from moving.

Accelerations are a type of acceleration that is used to increase the speed of something. An acceleration can be a gradual increase in speed, or it can be a sudden increase in speed.

  • The car has acelerations so that it can maintain a high speed.
  • The train has accelerations so that it can reach its destination quickly.

Autonomously means without help. When you say that something is autonomously done, you mean that it was done without any help from anyone else.

  • The computer was autonomously able to identify the virus.
  • The plant was autonomously able to grow in the new soil.

To conspire is to work together to do something illegal or dishonest. You might conspire to commit a crime, or you might conspire to cheat on a test.

  • The students were caught conspiring to cheat on the test.
  • The company was caught conspiring to sell knockoff products.

Ailerons are small wings that are used to control the direction that a plane or helicopter flies. They are also used to change the plane's altitude.

  • The ailerons were damaged in the accident, which prevented the plane from flying.
  • The ailerons help the plane to stay in the air, and they can also be used to change the plane's altitude.

Frugality is the practice of being careful with your money. It means spending your money wisely, and not wastefully.

  • She is very frugal, and she always looks for ways to save money.
  • He is not very frugal, and he often spends money without thinking.

When you are moving something in a counterclockwise direction, you are going the opposite of the way that the hands of a clock are moving. This is the opposite of clockwise.

  • She was moving the furniture in a counterclockwise direction.
  • The car is moving in a counterclockwise direction.

A lampshade is a cover that is placed over a light bulb to protect it from the sun. It is also used to add a decorative effect to a room.

  • The lampshade was stained with oil, which was a violation of the company's policy.
  • The lampshade was a beautiful purple color, which matched the curtains perfectly.