Measles Explained — Vaccinate or Not?

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


To infect is to introduce a disease into a person or thing. When you infect yourself with a virus, you are putting yourself at risk for getting sick.

  • The virus is highly contagious, and can infect anyone who comes in contact with it.
  • The virus was able to infect the computer system, and caused a lot of damage.

An intruder is someone who comes into your home or place of work without permission. They might be thieves, burglars, or anyone else who wants to cause trouble.

  • The police are trying to find the intruders who stole the car.
  • The family is having a lot of trouble dealing with the intruders who moved in next door.

To infect something is to cause it to get sick or to have something bad happen to it. When you infect your computer with a virus, you're causing it to get infected with a virus.

  • The virus infected the computer system.
  • He was infected with the virus at the hospital.

When two or more things are clumped together, it means that they are all close to each other. This is often a sign that they are being squished or compressed.

  • The clumps of dirt were clumped together because the ground was wet.
  • The clumps of snow were clumped together because they were cold.

To overwhelm something is to overcome it or to cause it to be defeated. When the protesters overwhelmed the police officers, they were able to win the battle.

  • The protesters overwhelmed the police officers and forced them to retreat.
  • The storm overwhelmed the town, flooding the entire area.

To vaccinate is to give someone a vaccine. Vaccines are important because they help protect people from diseases.

  • The school is vaccinating the students for the flu.
  • The company is vaccinating its employees for the flu.

To consign something is to put it in a designated place where it will be stored or used. When you consign a piece of furniture to the attic, you're telling the furniture that it's going to be stored there.

  • The store is consigning all of its new arrivals to the warehouse.
  • The museum is consigning all of its old paintings to the basement.