Light seconds, light years, light centuries: How to measure extreme distances - Yuan-Sen Ting

Important Vocabulary Words From The Video


Trigonometric is a word that refers to math that deals with angles and polygons. It is usually used in the context of maths, engineering, and astronomy.

  • The trigonometric equation is used to find the length of a line that passes through two points.

Parallax is the difference in position that an object appears to have when viewed from different angles. When you look at an object from close to it, the object looks stationary. But when you look at it from a distance, the object seems to be moving.

  • The parallax effect is used in photography to make the object look more realistic.

A cepheid is a type of star that is very important for astronomers. It's a very small star, and it's very easy to see.

  • The cepheid is very important because it's a type of star that astronomers can use to measure distances.

To inflate is to make something bigger or more powerful than it really is. When you inflate a balloon, you make it bigger by adding air to it.

  • The balloon was inflated with air, and it was very large.
  • The company's stock prices were inflated by the company's CEO.

Deflating is when something that is inflated (like a balloon) begins to decrease in size. This might happen because the air inside the balloon is being released, or because the balloon has been damaged.

  • The balloon was deflating very quickly, which meant that it would soon be useless.
  • The balloon deflated because the air inside it was being released.

When something is blurry, it's difficult to see or understand it. The picture is blurry because the camera was moved too quickly.

  • The image is blurry because the camera was not moved quickly enough.
  • The image is blurry because the camera was moved too slowly.

To outshine someone is to be more successful or famous than them. If you outshine your competition, you will be able to win more contracts and be more successful in general.

  • She outshone her competition by giving a better presentation.
  • He outshone his competition by winning the race.

A supernova is a type of stellar explosion. When a star becomes too big and too hot, it can eventually collapse in on itself and explode. This explosion is called a supernova.

  • The supernova was so bright that it was visible from Earth.
  • The supernova was so powerful that it destroyed most of the planet's atmosphere.

Inbuilt is a word that is used to describe something that is already there, something that is part of who you are. Things that are inbuilt can't be changed, no matter how hard you try.

  • She has a great sense of humor because it's an inbuilt part of her personality.
  • The inbuilt talent for music is something that she was born with.